Children learning about a paleontology career at Light My Way Career Day

Light My Way ~ Career Day is a child-centered Career Day program. We address the needs and interests of individual elementary school children by helping them identify what they love to do and explore careers that reflect their passions.

On a typical career day, one speaker talks to an entire class, leaving it up to chance whether or not a student will feel engaged and interested. We set out to change this model. At Light My Way ~ Career Day, we interview each student yearly to discover their evolving interests and talents and connect them with two (out of 25) careers they will learn about on Career Day. By the time they graduate 5th grade, they will have had seven interviews and met 14 Career Presenters whom they chose. Eventually, as adults, they will need to make these choices for themselves, and we see ourselves providing the skills and pathway to making good choices.

Our program raises aspirations and expectations in a mutually reinforcing way. When kids dream bigger, they expect more from themselves. Giving children the power to envision their future shows them the relevance and purpose of school and motivates them to learn.