Help Us Light The Way.

Light My Way ~ Career Day has connected hundreds of children to professionals in a wide variety of fields, exposing them to new ideas and possibilities for their future. Your donation will help us to continue this work and expand the program to create opportunities for more children.

An elementary school student pictured during an interview for Light My Way Career Day

Your contribution will support the following endeavors:

Supporting our Invaluable Interviewers

The most essential component of our program is the sensitive, trusting relationship between our student and their interviewer.

In recognition of the critical role they play in our program and the financial challenges they’ve weathered during the pandemic, we provide Light My Way interviewers with pandemic stipends. 

The preservation and support of our team is the #1 priority for our current fundraising effort and will ensure the continuation of our work.


Each student is paired with a trained mental health professional or educator. During a 30-minute interview, the interviewer unearths the child’s interests and connects them to the careers featured that year.

The team member is sensitive to the child’s pace, development, temperament, need for connection or distance, and adjusts the interview accordingly.

The Interviews and the Career Day experience together cost 140.00 dollars per child. We interview over 600 students each year. 


Our translator is available to attend interviews for those children who have just entered the school from a foreign land. There are many such children from Yemen. 

“The Books”

Each year, we assemble a book of photographs featuring a wide variety of adults working at their jobs. During their interview, children view this book and choose two professionals to meet on Career Day.

Materials, Props, and Transportation

The Career Day Presenters use supplies at their presentations that they give to the children to take home. For instance, the fine arts painter gives each student a set of watercolors and paper that they can take home and use. The orthopedist brings scrubs for their students, the florist brings flowers for the children to arrange, the drummer brings their drum set with special transportation, the paleontologist transports fossils to the school from the American Museum of Natural History, to name a few.  

Program Expansion

Our long-term goal is to replicate this program at other schools. Your support will enable us to develop strategies and plans to accomplish that goal.

Web design & maintenance

We are constructing a new website building upon this page that you see before you.