Help Us Light The Way.

Light My Way ~ Career Day Inc. is happy to say that we are up and running again after a four-year pandemic-related break!

In the fall of 2024, the Light My Way ~ Career Day team interviewed 120 students in 2nd-5th grade at a public school in Harlem. In each 30-minute interview, team members asked students about their likes, interests, and hobbies; the goal was not only to link these feelings to two of the 25 careers that will be featured on Career Day in May, but also to help kids “listen to their gut” in making decisions. Likewise, the goal of the program, as kids participate for several years throughout elementary school, is not only for them to hear about the wide variety of careers that exist in the world, but also to listen deeply to themselves and recognize which careers give them, as one 2nd grader put it, “a happy macaroni feeling” when they think about it.

Your donation will subsidize those interviews, which are all conducted by mental health professionals and educators, as well as supporting the Career Day event itself. One interview plus the career day event costs $125.00 per student. All in all, we are looking to raise $12,900 for Career Day ’24. Thank you for your generosity, and please know that any amount is appreciated!

An elementary school student pictured during an interview for Light My Way Career Day


Each student is paired with a trained mental health professional or educator. During a 30-minute interview, the interviewer unearths the child’s interests and connects them to the careers featured that year.

The team member is sensitive to the child’s pace, development, temperament, need for connection or distance, and adjusts the interview accordingly.


Our translator is available to attend interviews for those children who have just entered the school from a foreign land. There are many such children from Yemen. Our translators speak Ukranian, Arabic, French, and Spanish.

“The Book”

Each year, we assemble a book of photographs featuring 25 Career Volunteers working at their jobs. During their interviews, students view this book and choose two professionals to meet on Career Day.

Materials, Props, and Transportation

Many Career Day Presenters use supplies at their presentations that they give the children to take home. For instance, the fine arts painter provides each student with watercolors and paper, the orthopedist brings scrubs, and the florist brings flowers for the children to arrange and take home.
We also provide stipends for transportation. For example, the drummer must bring their drum kit, and the paleontologist must transport fossils to the school from the American Museum of Natural History.

Program Expansion

Our long-term goal is to replicate this program at Public Schools that are supported by the New York City Department of Education. Your contribution will enable us to develop strategies and plans to accomplish that goal.

Web design & maintenance

We are constructing a new website building upon this page that you see before you.